Apps for Working Remotely

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I have finally gotten a software developer position after three years of self and university study.

I began looking seriously earlier this year and with the help of friends and Twitter, I have gotten an apprenticeship and hope to be hired on at the end of it.

It is a remote position which means I have to keep an eye on my hours, my productivity, my sleep, and distractions.

It has only been a week but I am finding I am starting to get into a rhythm.

Here are some of the apps I am using to stay productive while working from home.

HoursTracker: The Time Card App We Deserve

There are a few time tracking apps in the App Store. There are apps such as Hours and Toggl but none of these apps are really time card apps. These apps are geared towards freelancers tracking just hours.

I was looking for something that not only tracked hours but kept track of taxes I’d owe, my hourly rate, being able to clock in and out and manage breaks, and calculating my net and gross income at the end of the pay period.

I downloaded HoursTracker a while ago when I thought I’d freelance. Never got that chance and so I deleted off my iPhone.

I remembered I had a few time trackers and found HoursTracker. I knew it was what I was searching for.

Basic Functions of HoursTracker

You can use the three + in the top of the app to set up a job, and from there you can add your information, such as your hourly rate, taxes, and the like.

From the main jobs screen, you can edit your job by tapping the three button menu at the top.

From the job details screen, you can clock in and out.

These are some of my favorite things about this app over others.

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