Intro to Slots: Vegas Rush

At the time of writing, there has been a lack of recent activity about Megaclusters. The mitosis-like technology developed by the innovative Australian giant Big Time Gaming has been inactive for some time, recharging its batteries. Big Time Gaming has placed the slot machine in the heart of Sin City, Nevada, one of the noisiest cities on the planet. It’s true, we’re taking a trip to Sin City in a slot game called Vegas Rush, along with a slew of bonus rounds and other extras.

Is pretending to be in Las Vegas the next best thing if you can’t really get there? Big Time Gaming’s Vegas Rush creates the impression that players are in a crowded casino floor among real slot machines, assuming this is the case. You’ll have to use your imagination to fill in the scene with gamblers pressing the play buttons on various slot machines in the hopes of winning a few more coins. Big Time Gaming recently employed this strategy with Vegas Megaways, which was a rebranding or, better still, an un-branding of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Megaways. Vegas Rush is based on Vegas Megaways, but it also features gameplay elements that are lifted directly from another slot machine.

In Vegas Rush, players may place wagers ranging from 20 pence to £/€20, so there’s something for everyone’s budget. High volatility is typical for BTG games; this one may not be the ideal option for a laid-back “pretend you’re in Vegas” session, despite the fact that the RTP ranges from 96.44% to 96.45%. Vegas Rush is a cluster-paying slot played on a 5×5 grid that expands and contracts in size depending on how frequently winning clusters appear.

When at least five identical symbols occur in close proximity to one another, anywhere on the grid, you have a winning cluster. Then, the winning symbols are swapped out with four identical but smaller symbols. Smaller symbols that are part of a winning combination are simply swapped out for new ones. Up to 100 symbols can fit on the grid at its maximum size. All of your favorite gambling symbols, such chips and dice and BARS and four-leaf clovers and horseshoes and cherries and diamonds, are used as the pay symbols. The reward for a winning cluster of 25 or more is 30–50 times the wager. As we’ll see in a moment, the board may have Wilds of varied sizes added to it. Wilds, regardless of size, can stand in for any normal pay symbol to determine a payout.

Slot Machine Features in Vegas Rush

When you reach the seventh level of the Megatrail, you’ll get free spins and 11 more sorts of bonuses thanks to the response system in Vegas Rush. Or, they may be purchased directly from the in-game bonus shop.

Megatrail Payouts

Players that rack up consecutive response wins advance up the Megatrail Bonuses stairway, activating the following augmentations:

The grid may receive up to ten random wilds.

Wilds with multipliers of up to x5 are introduced to the board.

The displayed symbol explodes, erasing all other symbols from the row or column it is located in.

By using “Symbol Subdivide,” the displayed symbol’s large instances are split into four identically sized ones.

Turn Every Instance of the Shown Symbol into a Wild Symbol.

With the Mega Wild feature, four more wilds are added to the grid. One turn, two grids.

Bonus Prize is not affected by the Win Multiplier, which can go up to x10 for the spin.

The use of explosives to clear the grid of symbols; up to three explosions of a certain form.

Duplicated symbols appear in a row or column as five enlarged versions of the original sign.

Each half of the grid (the top, bottom, left, and right) will have all of its symbols erased.

Maximum Megaclusters include four smaller symbols surrounding each large one.

The highest possible payout from the trail is 1,000 times the initial wager at rung 12.

No Risk Turns

When you reach the seventh ring on the Megatrail while playing the main game, you’ll unlock six more turns. During free spins, an improved Megatrail is employed, with a top reward of up to 2,000 times the initial wager at rung 12. If you reach level 6, you’ll receive an additional 3 free spins, bringing the maximum potential number of free games to 99.

Freebie Get

Last but not least, rather than climbing the path in the standard game, players can pay 60 times their stake to receive a number of free spins.

The Slots Have Spoken in Vegas!

In some respects, Vegas Rush is an unusual game. It’s almost as if Big Time Gaming took the mechanics from Millionaire Rush and merged them with the visuals from Vegas Megaways. It’s a wrap; the next Megaclusters slot is ready for business. No significant complaints per se, but it does seem rushed for a firm known for investing its enormous imagination into each and every one of its projects. Vegas Rush, on the other hand, lacks any sense of originality. It’s not that I expect every new slot to feel like putting on a soft, clean pair of pajamas right out of the dryer. I’m only pointing out the obvious fact that you’re in an odd position to analyze a Big Time Gaming slot machine. However, if this is only a rebranded version of Millionaire Rush aimed at a different audience, it would make sense, much like Vegas Megaways.

Despite the déjà vu, Vegas Rush has a lot going for it. The first slot machine was fun to use, and this one is no different. Pretending to be in a casino while enjoying the neon renditions of classic slot symbols on the Megaclusters-powered grid is a lot of fun. You won’t have to worry about getting dressed up or finding parking. The Megatrail was effective the previous time around, and it possesses a plethora of wonderful modifiers that it can dump onto the reels in order to speed things up. Vegas Rush may award up to 33,050x the wager in the regular game and an additional 47,200x the wager during free spins.

It’s possible that critics will be harsh on Vegas Rush owing to the fact that it doesn’t do anything really original. After all, it is essentially descended from a union of the two aforementioned games and offers very nothing that is unique. A little of Megaclusters in a fake Las Vegas scenario may seem very nang, but if you’re interested, here you go.

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