Fun with Übersicht Widgets

I am a nerd. I am sure everyone who reads this blog is a nerd of some sort. As such, I traipse around the internet looking for Mac setups and desktop screenshots.

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On Moving on Up and Smart Homes

I’m sure that you’ve seen that I haven’t posted here for a couple months. In between my internship ending and the abrupt ending of my lease, I have had a pretty stressful couple of months.

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Apple Watch: Pick of the Month

I finally bought an Apple Watch after watching the space for 4 years. The internship I had allowed me to buy a Series 1 Apple Watch in my newly found color of love, Space Gray. This is my Pick of the Month for February.

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PDF to Word Converter for iOS: Review

For businesses and power users who work with a lot of PDFs, converting to and from PDF on iOS can be cumbersome. Going all in on the iPad as a platform means that many people need a powerful app to convert between different formats.

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Workflow: Drafts to Trello for Content Management

After watching watching a video on using Trello for an editorial calendarI was pretty excited to start doing so for my two main blogs. Creating and editing Trello cards and lists is a tedious process on iOS and if an idea popped into my head, I wanted to be able to get it down quickly and into Trello.

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Playlists for Football Fans

I listen to all genres of music but my favorite is alternative rock, metal, and dubstep. Eclectic mix, I know. Here is a playlist I discovered while browsing Spotify for tailgating.

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David Hewson on Ulysses Subscription Model

The subscription model only works when the people you are selling to use your app a lot and find it indispensable. This model works for things like professional tools, which is what Ulysses is, and things like Day One, that has recently gone subscription.

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Working on iPad Pro: The Beginning

It is no secret in the Apple tech community that people are dumping their MacBooks and working solely on the iPad. Federico Viticci writes solely on his iPad and has several guides on how to do great things with iPad.

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On the Virtues of Dark UIs

I wasn’t a dark mode person. When I was programming in Coda 2 on my Mac when I just started doing it, the UI was white. I showed someone a screenshot of it and they joked, “real programmers use dark editors.”

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I’m Still Here…

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time this year, I have regularly updated it for months until recently.

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My WWDC 2017 Wish List

I love this time of year.

It’s WWDC season and I usually turn off notifications and non-essential phone calls and texts. I fire up my 3rd Gen Apple TV, sit back on the couch and watch the keynote.

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Readdle Updates Apps with Drag and Drop

Readdle, maker of apps like Spark Mail App, Documents+, and PDF Expert, has released v6 of their popular iOS apps.

Documents 6 and PDF Expert 6 have gotten a much need facelift.

Inside of these apps, icons are larger and the colors muted to give a more personal feel.

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Pick of the Month: Timing 2

When I first came across timing, it was recommended to me by my good friend Nick Lash. We were talking about time tracking apps and his possible employment as an iOS developer for time tracking juggernaut Toggl.

He was thinking of rewriting their Mac app in the vein of Timing.app.

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App Spotlight: Calibre 3 Beta Now With Retina

You could never chastise me for not reading enough.

I have been reading since I was three years old.

Mom and I weren’t exactly middle class so we would trek to the local library where we’d check out a mountain of books, all of which I’d read in about a week.

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3 Years An Apple Fangirl

I have been writing about Apple in some form or another for the past two years. Starting as an app blog for non-traditional students, to moving my work over to The Apple Fancast, then back to my blog. I’ve had this thing running just a fraction of the time of other indie blogs and that’s because I didn’t get my first Apple device until October of 2013.

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Apple Shrinks Affiliate Commissions to 2.5%

Apple has shrunk its Affiliate Program commission from 7% to 2.5%. This makes business sense for Apple: Affiliates most likely don’t generate the kind of revenue that Apple would like. It also doesn’t bring as much traffic to its App Stores.

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Back to Basics: Apps and Workflows

I wanted to write a quick post on the focus of the blog going forward. Last year, I was inspired by a few of my productivity heroes to write about productivity instead of just apps. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to expand my reach and grow the blog beyond what it had become.

3 min read

Drafts 4 for iOS: A Worthy Tool

When we think about iOS automation these days, we tend to think about Workflow.app, which is the most powerful and full-featured example of what a talented team of developers can do within the limitations of iOS. It is rightfully the King of Automation on iOS.

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App Review: Cisdem ContactsMate

ContactsMate by Cisdem is a supplemental contacts manager for Mac that can help you clean up duplicate contacts, delete contacts, fix suffixes, prefixes, and unusual character names or just a first name.

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My Best/Favorite IFTTT Recipes

The above caveat aside, IFTTT remains a significant tool in home and web service automation. It is the glue to the Internet of Things and remains an important part of many workflows, including my own.

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Todoist Screencast

A look at how I use Todoist. I will probably update this screencast as I have paid for premium and have a new workflow.

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OCR Research with PDFPen and Hazel

I have a lot of productivity apps that I use, perhaps my vice. But still, I can get work done quickly and efficiently. Here’s my setup to OCR pdfs I find on the internet and import them automatically to my reference managers of choice.

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